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About 911 Restoration Minneapolis

Meet the Owners

Jared Reese and Rick Vasquez came into 911 Restoration Minneapolis because they knew that they could help people in their community.

Rick Vasquez | 911 RestorationJared has been working in the industry from a young age, when his neighbors would hire him to work restoration jobs for them. 

With his business acumen, he was able to bring his friends in on the jobs and started a business providing labor for restoration companies.

As he grew older, he knew he wanted to create his own restoration company. When he found 911 Restoration, he was sold on their family atmosphere that acted less like a corporation and more in tune with all the people involved in a restoration job.

With the Fresh Start Attitude, Jared and Rick have brought that same feeling to restoration jobs in Minneapolis. He loves the feeling of helping others, going to their houses and figuring out the best way to get their lives back on track, negating the entire distraught situation.

When you call into 911 Restoration Minneapolis for water damage restoration, smoke removal, or mold remediation, Jared and Rick will be on your property within the hour to calm the disaster as soon as possible.

911 Restoration Minneapolis focuses heavily on family, and they treat you the same. In addition, they have the backing of a nation wide restoration company to make sure you receive a professional job with superb customer service.

Tips from the Experts

As part of the superior customer service from 911 Restoration Minneapolis, Jared and Rick give their biggest restoration and prevention tips and advice for people in need.

Here are some points to think about:

  • Soaked Carpet From Water DamageMake sure that your gutters are cleaned out completely every season so that you don’t run the risk of a clog turning into an overflow, ice dam or icefall and ruing your roof.
  • Eliminate any tree limbs on your property that may end up falling into your roof during high winds or heavy rain and snowfall.
  • Try not to let any root systems disrupt the flow of water in submerged pipes on your property.
  • Inspect the hoses and fittings on the water-based appliances in your home to make sure that they don’t have any signs of wear and tear that might indicate a future rupture section.
  • Check the pipes around your home. If you notice any rusting, corrosion, dripping or puddling, then call our experts immediately.

As Jared said, water damage is unavoidable, so stay on top of your emergency measures. Know what your insurance policies cover and how much of it.

Fill in the gaps of your homeowner’s insurance policy with sump pump and flood insurance, possibly even a sewage backup policy. Putting 911 Restoration Minneapolis on speed dial will get them to you even faster.

911 Restoration Minneapolis Defends you to the End

When a tenant told his landlord about water and mold trouble, an adjuster came out and deemed the flood a nonissue. The project management also assured the landlord there was no problem. 911 Restoration Minneapolis was next on the scene.

Water Damage Restoration Side Of Van At DuskJared and Rick found the source of water, and with it, a bed of mold.

They repaired the damage and supported the tenant in court.

By the end of the trial, the tenant won and the insurance company covered the damage.

911 Restoration Minneapolis will always put the customer first and stand behind you to the last. They believe in what they do.

And after a job well done, you can find them throughout the city, whether it is on the next job or at the Stoneridge Golf Course putting through 18 holes.

If your property is already experiencing a flooding scenario, then don’t wait another minute to contact our water damage Minneapolis experts with 911 Restoration Minneapolis today!

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