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Dealing With Freezing Pipes in Minneapolis – Water Damage in Negative Temperatures

Published by Allegra on September 21, 2021 in category: Uncategorized

Dealing with freezing pipesSoon it will be that time of year when we will have numerous reasons to pay close attention to the physical state of our houses and offices. One of those reasons is water damage in negative temperatures. When it comes to winter weather and the snow, ice, and frigid winds that accompany it, both industrial and residential properties face numerous challenges that might occur if necessary preparations are not taken. Frozen pipes causing water damage is a common winter problem for property owners. Pipes that freeze or break can cause considerable water damage throughout a building, necessitating costly repairs and potentially introducing mold concerns.

Either you will have your pipes freezing and on the verge of bursting, or you might just get to know of the situation after the pipe has burst. Either way, we have got you covered! Here is how freezing pipes can potentially cause significant damage to your home this winter and how you can prevent it.

What Causes Freezing Pipes to Burst

You have undoubtedly put a Soft drink can in the freezer before to get it chilled faster before drinking it. And if left for a longer time, you may return to a freezer full of exploded drink. When your pipes freeze and burst, the same logic applies.

When liquid freezes, it expands, causing spectacular explosions. Existing water in the pipe freezes and forms an obstruction, so the water has nowhere to go, and the pipe bursts.

Freezing Pipes Cause Water Damage and Mold

Freezing pipes can burst and certainly cause water damage in your house and offices. There is a common misconception that a frozen pipe would only break from the point where there is a blockage or where ice has formed.  In most cases, a leak will occur someplace in your home, usually between the closed faucet and the blockage.

The speed at which water spreads is determined by how fast or slow the leak is going. Your soak times will have a significant impact on how much cleanup is required. You can clean up by yourself if there is minor water damage; however, you might need to call for water damage restoration services if there is a big mess.

Additionally, the development of mold is always a possibility after dealing with any water damage. Mold can develop anywhere there is water, such as in the aftermath of a burst pipe. Any time there has been water damage, you should call us to schedule a mold examination.

How to Prevent Freezing Pipes

  • Keep the heat on even while you are not home to prevent the pipes from freezing. Keeping the temperature as high as you would while at home is not necessary, but maintaining it over 50 F is a smart idea. This should keep the pipes warm and prevent the water and pipes from freezing if it is turned on.
  • Ensure that your home’s temperature does not fall below the freezing point, i.e., 32 Fahrenheit. Keep the heaters on and maintain a nice warm vibe inside your house so the water does not get frozen.
  • If you notice a damaged pipe and water is dripping from it, you should first shut off the water supply and call a professional for examination.
  • If you open a faucet and no water comes out, stop using the faucet right away to avoid damaging your pipes even worse.
  • You can also keep your cabinets open to allow the heat to enter them or use heating tape to keep the temperature of your pipes regular.
  • Pipes that are outside your house or in the basement need extra insulation for protection. You should install them with fiberglass sleeves or foam rubber to prevent them from freezing.

How to Deal With Busted Frozen Pipes

The first thing you need to do is turn off the main water supply valve to stop the water flow and start the drying out process. You should also turn off the electricity supply if there is a significant water burst to ensure your appliance’s safety and protecting you from getting an electric shock. Your place needs to be dried out within the first 48 hours of the pipe burst, or it may cause health issues and severe property damage, which may not be saved by minor restoration.

One of the most important steps to do is to seek the help of a professional to determine the severity of the condition. The more time passes without action, and the more serious the problem will become. As shortly as a 911 Restoration specialist can do an in-depth examination, the sooner we will be able to discover the damage right once and go to work on the restoration. This will ensure a safer and better restoration process for your home.

911 Restoration of Minneapolis

Frozen pipes are no match for the experts at 911 Restoration of Minneapolis this winter. It does not matter if you are suffering from a bursting frozen pipe, water damage, or mold this winter. Having a company you can count on around the clock is the only way to feel secure. Now is the time to contact us for professional property damage restoration services!

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