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Disaster Restoration

hazmat-suit-911-restoration-water-damage-van911 Restoration of Minneapolis is here to assure the community that we are the ones that are going to pull you through to the greener side if you are facing any home accident.

Our disaster restoration Minneapolis team is available 24/7/365 because we know accidents happen at the most inconvenient times.

Whether you are facing fire damage, or a flood, you can count on us to be at your door within 45 minutes with guaranteed same day service.

It is our fresh start promise that you can look forward to the future because the past deserves to remain behind you.

Our experienced technicians care about you, so trust us when we say: everything is going to be alright.

If your home or office location is already dealing with the aftermath of a catastrophe of some sort, then call our disaster restoration Minneapolis technicians with 911 Restoration Minneapolis today!

Snow: The Most Common Disaster Affecting Minneapolis

911-restoration-snow-Service car with snow1With an average of twelve-inches of snow a year, our disaster restoration Minneapolis team knows that there is a lot of room for an accident to occur. For example, ice damming, roof sags, pipe bursts are all real possibilities that Minneapolitans could experience in the winter.

However, fret not, as we know exactly how to deal with all those occurrences and the subsequent water damages they bring. We guarantee you this by being IICRC certified. The certification process we have all gone through makes us knowledgeable in repairing and restoring different types of materials from wood to floor tile.

Moreover, it makes us savvy in the uses of cutting-edge restoration technologies such as the newest models of wet vacuums, dehumidifiers, and HEPA filters.

The reason any of these would be needed, is that when snow hits the home, it does not stay frozen for long. The ambient temperature from within the home seeps out, melting the closest layer of ice. Once melted, it can get into attics, crawlspaces, and in-between subfloors and walls.

Once there it will promote the growth of mold, which can eat away at the structural components of your home. Things such as drywall will crumble, wood can rot, and unbearable odors can permeate.

We know how to combat this by removing water, efficiently drying spaces, and then decontaminating any type of microorganism (bacterial or spore) that is causing you distress.

If you are need of a fresh start after a freak accident, call the disaster restoration Minneapolis team at 911 Restoration .

Flooding: The Other Disaster

water-damage-restoration-commercial-building-cleanup-extractionThe next most common accident that may occur in your home is a flood brought on by heavy storms or pipe bursts. So, our disaster restoration Minneapolis team is here to outline for you a manner to keep dry all year long.

The first issue we would like to address is the gallons of water that can inundate your basement after a burst. The most frequent cause of pipe failure is a freeze over.

In order to keep your pipes clear and running smoothly, we recommend insulating any exposed pipes in your home. They are pipes most commonly found in basements, under sinks, and in cabinets.

If insulation is not a possibility, then keeping them warm in the winter with a heat lamp is the next best solution. Another quick and helpful tip is leaving a faucet open. When water stops it is more likely to crystalize, which is what happens when water freezes. Keep it liquid by keeping it flowing.

Another type of disaster results in a storm. Keep your ears open by listening to the radio. They will let you know when there is a likelihood of a flood happening.

If the chances are high, then make sure to get yourself to an elevated area. Things will shift during a flood, so if you can put away outdoor furniture, and move personal belonging to a high shelf, you can save yourself some additional cost. Ultimately, if you cannot, that is fine; your safety is the number one priority

If your home or office location is already dealing with flood waters from a recent category three invasion, then contact our disaster restoration Minneapolis team with 911 Restoration Minneapolis for help today!

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