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Mold Removal Minneapolis

Mold Removal TechnicianOne of the most damaging forms of property damage is a mold infestation. It not only eats away at your home, but it can also bring a homeowner down as well. Since mold spores can travel through the air, it can get into a person’s lungs leading to breathing issues as well as headaches. That’s why it’s safe to say that the sooner the mold removal begins, the better everyone will feel.

At 911 Restoration of Minneapolis, our mission is to provide the best mold removal services 24/7/365 to our customers. Our crew is backed by not only years of experience, but also IICRC certification so you know that you’re getting nothing but the best when you work with our team.

You deserve a fresh start when you need restoration services, which is part of our guarantee. With us your home will be restored to better than before.

Don’t wait to call our crew if you need mold removal solutions or water damage restoration. We will be there within 45 minutes of your call ready to deliver your fresh start.

Frozen Dangers Lead to Mold Remediation

Most people are familiar with the need to be vigilant about mold in the summer. After all, the humidity and heat are at all-time highs. Plus, with storms and other sources of water being so common it’s to be expected that keeping an eye out for water damage occurs during that time. However, mold can strike just as hard in the winter because of freezing.

Burst pipes are usually a result of freezing. When the pipes burst, all the water that was running through them explodes outwards and starts to immediately flood the area. When this occurs, you’re automatically looking at the need for water damage restoration. This will need to happen quickly since mold only needs 24 hours to start growing

However, burst pipes aren’t the only danger in the winter. Sometimes, pipes just freeze and don’t actually burst. This can lead to mold problems as well since normally water in the pipes is constantly moving. However, when frozen the water just sits there and collects. In addition, because of the expansion and contraction of the water as it melts and refreezes it can loosen the seals in the pipes which causes leaks.

Leaving this unchecked almost guarantees the need for water damage restoration as well as mold removal while you’re at it. During winter, maintain regular inspections and take preventative measures before adverse weather strikes to minimize your chances of property damage.

There are some things you can do to protect your home that include:

Mold Removal Building

  • Keep a light trickle: When you know extremely cold weather is coming, it’s best to have your water running lightly through your faucets. Doing so keeps the water moving, which helps the pipes to not freeze.
  • Inspections: Before and after any winter storm or adverse weather conditions make sure to inspect your property from your roof to your foundation and everything within. Doing so will allow you to be aware of issues before they become costly problems.
  • Contact the professionals: Sometimes despite your best efforts, disaster can strike. Pipes can be old and burst even with preventative measures in place. At this point call your water damage restoration experts for assistance.

Should you suffer from water damage or find/suspect mold during your inspection, act quickly. Call the mold removal experts at 911 Restoration of Minneapolis today. They are equipped to handle all of your water damage restoration and mold remediation needs.

Mold Remediation is a Process

Mold Removal Basement Mold RemovalOur mold removal process starts with a visual inspection of your property. We look for things like crumbling drywall or a strong stale odor. Those are some of the first clues that mold is prevalent on the property. In addition to inspecting for mold, we also inspect for any signs of water damage as that is a common culprit in the formation of mold.

Once mold has been identified, we provide you with an estimate and get to work once you sign off on the proposal. Using the latest equipment and techniques, we work to contain the mold area before we use industrial grade cleaning agents. In addition, we use vapor barriers, air filters, and other equipment to keep you breathing safely.

Should health issues be reported by you or if you are concerned anyway, we offer full comprehensive mold testing because we take your health seriously. Our mold testing is done by an independent third party allowing you peace of mind with the results.

Our customers benefit from range of services that includes:

  • Free visual mold inspection for property owners only
  • IICRC certification
  • Mold inspection/ sampling
  • Residential & Commercial Mold Removal
  • Structural drying & dehumidifying

Acting quickly is the key when it comes to mold removal and water damage restoration. Don’t wait to call the technicians at 911 Restoration of Minneapolis. We’re ready to help anytime day or night so you can get your fresh start.

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