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Sewage Backup

Homeowners should know, that if anything happens that involves sewage or water, to call our sewage backup Minneapolis team with 911 Restoration Minneapolis.

Water Damage Restoration Technician With ToolsJenna Reese, co-owner of 911 Restoration of Minneapolis, wants homeowners to know that they can call him if they are experience sewage backup issues.

Everyone might expect water damage to come in the form of a pipe burst, but that is not always the case.

Sometimes it is a result of a flood that pushes raw sewage out, or most of the time it is when a sewer line rupture resulting in a big problem.

We are always available 24/7/365 so that there is never anything standing in our way of protecting and saving your property.

Sewage is a category 3 type damage, so homeowners can expect help within 45-minutes with a guarantee of same-day service.

If your home is already dealing with a category three water exposure event, then contact our sewage backup cleanup Minneapolis experts with 911 Restoration Minneapolis today!

Fresh Start and Second Chances

The fresh start is our promise that you will recover from whatever type of sewer incident you experienced. We are all about getting people to that second chance they deserve.

Important points to consider on black water:

  • Water Damage Pipe Burst SituationDo not think of a home accident as some type of consequence, or penance for something else.
  • It is what it is, but it can be what you make it. And by calling us, you are making it better than it ever was.
  • The way we achieve the fresh start is by undergoing the most rigorous training possible offered by the IICRC, which makes us IICRC certified.
  • Our certification allows us to apply a blend of techniques required by different damages to provide you the most streamlined restoration available on the market today.
  • Peace of mind is synonymous with the condition of one’s home, so by us utilizing the most innovative technologies we make things better than they ever were before.
  • For example, our technicians know how to safely apply caustic chemicals to the affected parts of your home, and then safely remove any sewage.
  • Our jobs are thorough enough that no one will know an accident ever happened in your home.

Don’t let your home fall victim to the effects of an unexpected sewage backup scenario alone. Contact our sewage backup cleanup experts with 911 Restoration Minneapolis and we will provide you with the best services in the business to get you back on track today!

The True Causes Of A Sewage Backup

There are two things that cause your sewer lines to fail, one is when trees penetrate through them, and the second is when you treat your sewer line as a trashcan. Obstructions or burst will affect the way sewage flows in your home. Sometimes it can back up, while other times it can flood.

Water Damage Restoration Van At Winter Residential Job SiteSewer lines are buried beneath the earth, so not a lot can get to them. Except plants. During the arid times of the year, roots will burrow deep down in their search for moisture.

When they finally do find them, they will do everything they can to harness it. Such as puncturing clay or metal lines.

When this happens sewage will seep from the undergrowth and carry over causing your soil to be swamped in the trouble.

In order to prevent this we recommend not planting trees above your sewer line.

There are plenty things we flush down our lines including grease, tissue papers, plastic, hair and things that do not break down in water. Even when something boasts to be water solvable, do not trust it. As it will only compound any existing clog.

So, clogs slowly build up until it launches waste back into your living space, or until your line burst. Either way, it will only end up in sewage backup.

If you experience any sort of category two or three exposures, then call our sewage backup Minneapolis team at 911 Restoration Minneapolis for immediate service today!

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