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Water Damage Golden Valley

Eliminating the challenges presented by water damage Golden Valley issues is something that Patricia Engen and Jenna Reese with 911 Restoration Minneapolis are especially capable of no matter how large the issue has become.

Water Damage Restoration Technician Checking Water Removal ProgressWith all their experience Jenna and Patricia can handle any type of water damage that floats their way, and in quick order too.

“Our teams can arrive on-site within 45 minutes of a call to get the restoration process underway,” Jenna says. “Quick action gives us the ability to save as much of the home from destruction as possible which always makes our clients happy.”

Eliminating the water from a water damage crisis is easy for Jenna and Patricia. The real challenge presented by each job they take on is to ensure the peace and comfort of the customer they are working for.

“We try and walk our clients through every aspect of all the water damage Golden Valley restoration process that we do,” Patricia explains. “That way they are informed every step of the way when we save their home.”

Don’t let the fast-moving and erosive nature of water damage take over your lovely home. Contact Patricia and Jenna immediately for all the water damage restoration work that your home or business needs!

Preventative Water Damage Provisos

With all of their field research and experience Jenna and Patricia know that preventing water damage is the best way to avoid the trouble that it can cause people.

Some points to consider:

  • Water Damage In Finished BasementThis reality is why they have developed a number of simple techniques that homeowners and businesses alike can use to keep the problems at bay.
  • “People should always make sure to completely clean out their gutters before the winter season hits,” Jenna says. “Doing so allows the gutters to free flow when there is a thaw of the ice that can build up in them.”
  • Free flowing water in the gutters is key to preventing ice dams from forming which can seep into the layers of the roof and separate them permanently.
  • Then when the ice melts, there is easy access to the inside of the home where the meltwater will cause water damage to occur down walls and ceilings.

“Property owners of all sizes should never let the temperature of their structure drop below zero,” Patricia explains. “Keeping the temperature up drastically reduces the chances that freezing will happen, and thus nearly eliminates the chances of a pipe burst.”

Don’t give ice, or the water that it melts into a chance to ruin your home. Contact Jenna and Patricia with 911 Restoration of Minneapolis today for all the help you and your home need to stay safe this winter!

Significant Damage Calls for Dedicated Experts

When Jenna and Patricia take on a water damage restoration project, they do so knowing that it is their job to not only remove the water and debris from a home, but also to remove the stress from the homeowner.

Water Damage Restoration Van And Trucks At Commerical Job LocationEliminating the worries of a property owner when they are knee deep in a water damage issue is always a challenge, but it’s one that Jenna and Patricia take on with every restoration project they endeavor.

“We don’t want our customers to have to worry about anything when we start a project,” Patrica says. “We know how stressful a water damage crisis can be and that’s why we always make sure to prioritize the needs of our clients above all else.”

Patricia and Jenna are so profoundly dedicated to their customer’s needs and satisfaction that they will even go the Extra Mile to fill out the insurance paperwork for their customers.

“We don’t think that a person dealing with a water damage crisis should also have to deal with an insurance adjuster asking probing questions too,” Jenna says. “So we do all the paperwork for people.”

Don’t give water damage a chance to infiltrate your home and ruin your belongings. Contact Patricia, Jenna, and the water damage Golden Valley team with 911 Restoration of Minneapolis and let us take care of you every step of the way today!

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