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Disaster Damage Restoration – Storm Restoration Costs

Published by 911 Restoration Minneapolis on April 14, 2022 in category: Water Damage Restoration

Storm Damage restoration
Disaster restoration in Minneapoliscan be a very costly affair if you aren’t prepared for it or if your home isn’t covered for a specific type of damage. When it comes to storm damage restoration, the bill may range from $100 to over $50,000 to repair the roof, walls, windows, or more!

Of course, the cost will vary with respect to the extent of the damage. The risk of storms, thunderstorm winds, hail, winter storms, or otherwise storm winds is rather high in Minneapolis. Additionally, the tornado index of the city is almost twice the US index.  

In this article, we will take a closer look at the insurance payout you can expect if your home has been damaged by a storm, tornado, or otherwise strong winds in Minneapolis. It is important to note that this article only represents estimates, though. Indeed, the true costs and payout you can expect will vary based on several external factors as well. 

Cost of Storm Damage Restoration in Minneapolis

If you are looking for an insurance payout, you need two very important things; 

  1. A reliable disaster restoration company in Minneapolis
  2. Evidence of the damage. 

In most cases, natural disaster restoration itself doesn’t take that long – just a few days, in fact. The insurance adjustment period, however, depends entirely on your insurance company. While most of them are reliable and come over to inspect the damage immediately, there are some who take their time when it comes to paying up.  Hence, they may take five to six days to respond

911 Restoration of Minneapolis facilitates this process by sending over the damage evidence to them and also speeds up the adjustment process considerably. Once the insurance company responds, it should take about two to three days for the damage to be restored. 

Minneapolis code typically requires that the insurer acknowledges the receipt of the claim. Of course, this is only an acceptance letter that your claim is under process and can be in the form of a written letter, email, text message, or phone call. 

Do I Always Get What I Claim?

At this point, you usually don’t have an idea of how much payout you should expect for the storm restoration process. You can request a free visual inspection by 911 Restoration of Minneapolis to get a concrete idea of how much you will have to invest for the restoration process to be completed. 

You can make a claim against your damage with respect to our quote, though. Of course, the insurance adjuster will argue and try to negotiate your claim. Therefore, you can expect the adjuster to suggest that we ‘estimate’ that the repairs will cost less. 

At this point, you should let the company that quoted you deal with the insurance company. 911 Restoration can help explain to your adjuster why you claimed this amount and negotiate on your behalf. Accordingly, with the right push, we can help you get a favorable settlement and start the work immediately. 

How Much Can I Expect?

The national average for storm damage repair costs stands at $9,800. Your insurance policy is more than likely to cover storm damage restoration in Minnesota, as most standard homeowner’s insurance covers it. To eliminate storm damage coverage, you need to specifically ask for it. 

Out of the $9,800, the roof siding and flashing repair as a result of storm damage usually account for $600 to $750 in Minneapolis. These averages may vary from state to state, though. Subsequently, water damage restoration and repairs to your shingle, attic, or other places across your property will account for the rest of the costs. 

The quicker you are to react to the damaged rooftop, the more likely you are to get a favorable settlement. This is because of a concept known as due care. As soon as you find damage on your rooftop, you should consider getting it boarded up immediately to prevent further damage. 

Board-up services in Minneapolis are regarded as the “insurance saviors.” This is because if you called the right company at the right time and managed to prevent further damage because of the board-up, the insurance companies can’t argue about due care or diligence. 

Estimated Costs for Disaster Restoration in Minneapolis

During a storm, you can expect to face different types of damages and will have to most likely pay for:

  • Water damage restoration
  • Fire and smoke damage restoration
  • Mold removal
  • Sewage backup cleanup, and more. 

Furthermore, here is an overview of the average costs you can expect vs. the average settlement amount paid throughout Minnesota.

Disaster RestorationAverage CostAverage Settlement
Roof repair$698$701
Deck (Minimal Damage)$670$650
Deck (Average Damage)$1,853$2,153
Deck (Extensive Damage)>$3210$3,000
Water Damage (minor)$1,213$1,200
Water Damage (extensive)>$5,000$5,200
Minor Other Damage$500-$750$650-$700

In addition, it is important to note that water damage restoration on wooden roofs and shingles is much more cost-effective compared to asphalt shingles, which may cost $1 to $5 PSF for repair or $1,500 to $9,000 for complete replacement.

The settlement you get for disaster restoration in Minneapolis is highly dependent on the extent of your negotiation skills and whether or not you had immediate access to help. 911 Restoration of Minneapolis can help you get a favorable settlement, not just by negotiating and dealing with insurance adjusters on your behalf but also by being on your property, ready to reduce the extent of damage within 45 minutes! Call us now for a free quote and help with your adjustment process.  


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